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Cleaning Products Dublin

We all love to have a very easy life and to pay as little as we can for our supplies. Most people haven`t got a clue what is the difference between a hard surface ceaner and an universal cleaning product. This was the reason why Cleanfast was created. Our company cleans regular hundreds of offices, schools, pubs, etc, places with high usage of cleaning products. But most of this places are using the wrong cleaning products for the wrong jobs or they are using domestic cleaning products to fight dangerous bacteria. 

Cleanfast is here to provide you with the right vleaning products for the right job. We sell thousands of professional cleaning products for all types of jobs and we understand how confussing must be for our customers. Just give us a call and tell us more about your project and we will be happy to explain you in detail what you need and how to pay little for it.

Exemple: there are many hard surface cleaners available within our website. Some of them are designed for heavy duty cleaning (a bit more expensive) while others are designed for daily maintenance. You don`t have to use a high PH (strong) cleaning product to daily clean your furniture or your desk. Daily maintenance hard surface cleaners have a dilution rate of 1 to 100 while heavy duty hard surface cleaners have a dilution rate 1 to 10 or 1 to 20. Also, there are specific floor cleaners for your particular type of floor, there are much better cloths than the one you use. Call us now and we will save you money.

We are experts in bathroom cleaning products of all types, commercial and domestic kitchen cleaning products, highly efficient oven cleaning products, top of the range floor cleaning products, industrial power washing cleaning products and acidic cleaners. We sell some of the most durable floor polishes available in Ireland, superb quality floor stri****s, and much more!

Our top of the range brands:

Bona Wood Floor Care Products

Cleanfast Cleaning Products

Evans Cleaning Products

Amtico Floor Care Products

Karndean Floor Care Products

Craftex Carpet Cleaning Products


Also, we sell many types of safety scrapers, kentucky mops, mops and buckets, interchange handles, mini jumbo toilet papper, latex gloves, nitrile gloves, etc.

Cleanfast provides very fast delivery witin Co Dublin. Our company can guarantee you same day or next day delivery within Co Dublin.


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Cleaning Products Dublin   1850 840 111 (local)


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